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Automotive Tinting

Everyone in Austin knows how brutal summer heat can be.  What you might not know are in addition to keeping your car cooler, window tint has other great advantages including:

  • Extreme heat reduction

  • 99%+ UV protection protecting your interior from fading and protecting your skin from sun damage

  • Glare reduction

  • Increase privacy and prevention of smash and grab incidents

  • Adds stylish allure to vehicle, increasing value


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Why SolarisWindow Tinting?

We know you have a lot of options in window tint.  We have picked the best of the best to provide you with the maximum heat rejection at the price you're wanting.  All of our films are signal friendly and come with a lifetime warranty.    

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3M Color Stable

3M color stable grey.png
3M Color Stable Series
  • 3M's original flagship film.  This nano-carbon film set the standard in performance and style and is still superior to all carbon films.

  • Rich, black appearance unparalleled by any other carbon film

  • 3M Nationwide Lifetime Warranty

3M Crystalline

3M Crystalline grey.png
3M Crystalline
  • The ultimate performance offering the highest heat rejection and IR rejection

  • Unique, sleek look giving supreme optimal clarity

  • Rejects more heat than other dark films without changing your cars appearance

  • 3M Nationwide Lifetime Warranty

3M Ceramic

3M Ceramic
  • Precisely dispersed nano-ceramic particles in this film 

  • A beautifully balanced industry trendsetter

  • 3M Nationwide Lifetime Warranty

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